Video conferences

1-9 people10-40 people200 people
Conference room2,500-39007,90018,600
Multi-location conference call, recording SEK 300/h per site
Technician (in addition to introduction), hourly rateSEK 500
All prices are in Swedish Krona and exclude VAT

Cancellation terms

Bookings for video conferences are binding if made less than 30 days before the meeting. Cancellation will incur a charge of 50% of the order value if cancelled less than 30 days before the meeting, and 100% if cancelled less than 15 days beforehand. Verbal confirmation, according to Swedish law, is just as binding as receipt of written confirmation. If you do not decline our written confirmation, we will deem your silence as agreeing to the arrangement. Cancellation charges for companies outside Sweden will, if not paid, be forwarded to the legal bodies of the country in which the ordering company is registered.

Payment terms

Video conference bookings made by foreign-registered companies require a prepaid deposit of 75%. The outstanding balance may be paid by credit card on departure. The reservation will not be guaranteed until we have received the deposit. If the client requires a day to think it over, a preliminary booking can be made on agreement. However, any such preliminary booking is not guaranteed by either party. An invoice will be sent by both fax and e-mail as soon as we have received an order by phone, e-mail, fax or post. The deposit is to be transferred, immediately after receiving the invoice, to our bank account SEB: 52012842755 SWIFT ADDRESS essesess – 52012842755. If, due to late booking, we have not received your payment by the day before the conference date, then payment by credit card upon arrival will be accepted. If these conditions are not met, your video conference will be cancelled. These conditions may be modified if we have a long-term business relationship with you and if an approved proposal regarding payment security can be agreed by both parties.